Witness in Many Lands

There is recognition that the middle and recently ears of the movement are at least as interesting as its origins. Many of the contributions to this volume reflect this welcome development. The influence of Brethren on Evangelicalism has been significant through their ecclesiology, their distinctive eschatological interpretations, their principle that Christian workers can and should […]

Gathering to His Name

The definitive study of the Brethren movement in Britain and Ireland from its beginnings in the 1820s to the present day, with a primary focus on those gatherings known as Open Brethren. The overall aim is to provide a readable narrative of the movement’s development and distinctive ethos. The work explores where, when, how, and […]

Brethren and Mission

Chapters in this book discuss the work and thought of its pioneer missionary, Anthony Norris Groves, as well as other aspects of missiology important for Brethren mission. Other essays move throughout the world’s continents and trace aspects of the history of Brethren mission. They deal with themes that have come to prominence in recent writing […]

Brethren and Their Buildings

Brethren and Their Buildings is a photographic record of the structures used by all sections of the Brethren movement in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Containing almost 300 full-colour photographs, as well as explaining the buildings and the principles that lay behind their erection and ownership, the text discusses the history of the movement as […]

I Thanked the Lord and Asked For More

George Müller’s Life and Work by Neil Summerton Müller is famous for his faith in God’s provision for orphans, but there was so much more to Müller than this. He pastored Bethesda Chapel in Bristol, sponsored home and foreign mission through his Scripture Knowledge Institution, supported schools in Bristol and throughout Britain and elsewhere, embarked […]