Brethren and Their Buildings is a photographic record of the structures used by all sections of the Brethren movement in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Containing almost 300 full-colour photographs, as well as explaining the buildings and the principles that lay behind their erection and ownership, the text discusses the history of the movement as well as many individual assemblies and their buildings.
A beautiful publication to have in its own right, the book would also would make a welcome gift to anyone who has an interest in the Brethren movement or in the use and architecture of church buildings.

By Tim Grass

1. Introduction   2. The Story of the Brethren Movement   3. Some Practical Considerations   4. Temporary and Prefabricated Buildings   5. Architectural Styles   6. Twentieth-Century Trends   7. Buildings Acquired from Other Denominations   8. Buildings Adapted from Other Uses   9. Location, Location, Location   10. Details and Decorative Elements   11. Names and Notice Boards   12. Interiors   13. Closed Halls    14. Some Personal Favourites

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