The Christian Brethren Archive in the John Rylands Library of the University of Manchester is the largest archive of Brethren material in the world. One of BAHN’s central aims is to support the deposit of material in it, and other Brethren archives around the world.
Bruederbewegung, the website of the Brethren movement in Germany, has many documents of historical interest. It also contains useful biographical profiles of leading individuals within the Brethren movement.
The Brethren Archive website contains many documents of historical interest, including many primary sources.
The STEM Publishing website contains a large amount of electronic texts of Exclusive Brethren writing, including the writings of J.N. Darby, all of which are full searchable.
Paul David Wilkin’s website provides a large amount of historical material on Brethren missions in the NorthWestern Province of Zambia.