In this bold, transformative biography of a remarkable Victorian naturalist and leading figure among evangelical Christians known as Brethren, P. H. Gosse is finally freed from the inaccurate image of him presented by his son, Edmund Gosse, and others. As a naturalist, Gosse was a pio-
neer, innovator, and entrepreneur who was renowned as an observer, writer, populariser, lecturer and illustrator. At the same time, with ‘tongue and pen’ Gosse promoted the Brethren outlook, helping to spread the movement across the world and leading an assembly in England. This wide-
ranging biography includes a full account of Gosse’s relationship with his wife, Emily (one of the foremost female religious tract writers of her time), and their son, Edmund (the man of letters). Douglas Wertheimer bases his comprehensive interpretation on unpublished correspondence and
manuscripts, historical newspapers, and primary and secondary sources. The result is a new, and
more historically faithful, study of virtually every aspect of Gosse’s life, family life and work.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas Wertheimer, after receiving his Ph.D. in history from the University of Toronto, spent nearly four decades as editor & publisher of newspapers in Canada and the United States. An award-winning journalist, he co-authored (with R. B. Freeman) a book-length Gosse bibliography, and published articles on P. H. Gosse; Edmund Gosse and Father and Son; and Emily Gosse. He is the co-author (with David J. Bercuson) of A Trust Betrayed: The Keegstra Affair.

Philip Henry Goose: A Biography is available for pre-order and will be published in October 2024.

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